Stand Out:

Tools to Master the 8 Fundamentals of Standing Out
in Business

by Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee

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If You Don’t Stand Out, You Lose.

You may have a solid business strategy and plan, an excellent product or service, talented and dedicated employees and a rockstar sales and marketing team—you may be doing all these things right, but if you don’t stand out, you lose. Stand Out offers a new perspective and a clear and structured approach to mastering how to stand out, be remembered, and become a trusted and preferred choice of customers and prospects. You will stand out from the competition when you know your distinct advantage as a brand and learn how to leverage it successfully.

What makes you truly distinct?

From 29 years of experience in the marketing industry, the authors have determined that the only way for a business to truly stand out is to be more of what makes it truly distinct – the values, passions, talents and experiences that are yours and yours alone, the positive qualities that your customers already appreciate. The challenge is to identify those things, nurture them, expose them and promote them, and this begins with the 8 fundamental components of a strong brand: purpose, reputation, visuality, authenticity, ideal leads, distinction, strategy and mindset.

Since you cannot know where you are going until you know where you are, the Brand Traffic ControlTM process begins with a radar tool and an assessment of the current strength of your company in each of the fundamentals. The book is then divided by the fundamentals so that you can read from start to finish or jump to the fundamental you need to strengthen. There are diagnostic assessments and exercises that accompany each section to guide your team in focusing on what needs to be done to strengthen each fundamental. In this way, Stand Out is both a book and a workbook, a practical resource for understanding and making the most of your distinct advantage as an organization.

The twin perspective.

The book shares stories from the authors’ world of being identical twins. Their ability “to see themselves outside of themselves” has given them unique perspectives and insights to bring to the challenges of brand-focused marketing and standing out in a world where competing brands often look the same.

Key Takeaways

Know what makes your business truly distinct so it stands out.

Conceptualize your organizational purpose and what you stand for and how this translates in to your distinct advantage as a company.

Discover a new perspective and a clear and structured approach to mastering how to stand out, be remembered, and become a trusted and preferred choice of customers and prospects.

Build a Strategy that helps you Stand Out, Take Off and Stay on Course.

About the Authors/Speakers:

Winnie Brignac Hart (left), and Lorrie Brignac Lee (right), authors of Stand Out – Mastering the 8 Fundamentals of Standing Out in Business and creators of The One-Page Marketing Plan bring 29+ years of marketing experience and a passion for leveraging their twin talents to help companies translate traditional marketing channels into forward-thinking solutions.

They have built a reputation as inspired leaders, speakers and savvy interpreters of business brand and personality. At TwinEngine, they have collaborated with some of the largest public and privately held corporations in the region, helping them define their distinct advantages and what makes them stand out. They define their business style as collaborative and relationship-based, and bring a right-brain approach to the visual organization of ideas and the left-brain efficiencies of real-time brand management.

Winnie and Lorrie believe that every business has a distinct advantage that, when discovered, provide just the inspiration and momentum a business needs to make a huge leap forward in performance and profitability.


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I don’t read business books. At the end of the day, my head hurts and that’s the last thing I can really absorb. But I started it last night and went right through it, and I found it VERY compelling. The twin analogy really works, and resonates with a business owner, I would imagine. I have to say the structure was impressive. It takes something abstract like brand, which a lot of people don’t understand, and converts it into something actionable and manageable for any executive. They can see not just what to do to create it, but why that matters to the business. Very powerful!

Joel Goldstein, President, Goldstein Group Communications

Thank you for writing this book!! It is a delight to read - an amazing combination of clear, jargon free explanations and thoughtful observations. A true professional - elegant effort. It is often said that we can’t explain something simply unless we deeply understand it. Your deep understanding shines through!!

Lesley Hayes, President, No Drama Media

Your methods are spot-on, clear, logical and thought-provoking.

Elizabeth Dukes, iOffice

Winnie and Lorrie are the TwinEngine to power your marketing machine. Read this book and get your message out there. The world needs to hear what you have to say.

Erin Weed, Evoso

TwinEngine is the perfect balance between head and heart. They get to your company's “Why” and they bring that to life so your business grows.

Steve Satterwhite, President, Entelligence, Author of Above the Line

Stand Out is full of actionable exercises that will improve your brand authentically and immediately. Two huge likeable thumbs up!

Dave Kerpen, CEO, Likeable Local and NY Times bestselling author, The Art of People

Leaders that know how to create authentic brands will have an unfair competitive advantage in the immediate future. Stand Out walks you through simple and proven processes to get you there faster. Bravo!

Mike Maddock, Founding Partner and CEO of Maddock Douglas, Inc., Keynote Speaker and Author of Free the Idea Monkey

Concise, readable, and practical info on brand management and how to parlay a business' distinct advantages to grow. Inspiring serious wheel-turning information.

David L. Schneider

I learned a lot about what it takes to standout in a very noisy and crowded space. So much so, that I'm using your 8 fundamentals handout at our team meeting next week to measure where we are!

Jamie Douraghy, Founder, Life Work Integration

Her personal story of being a twin provides a great buttress to the key elements of her methodology for brands to also separate themselves from their competitors while owning their identity. This personal touch is a great way to drive these points home and provides for an engaging, humorous, and purposeful presentation and a must read book.

Jarred King, Swagger Media

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