Transforming global communities by creating meaningful work


DOXA Talent faced the pressing need to carve out a distinct niche in the highly competitive offshoring industry. Their challenge was to develop a brand that not only stands out but also embodies their core values and purpose of transforming global communities through meaningful work. DOXA needed to convey their unique advantage of harnessing top-tier Filipino talent and their commitment to a people-first philosophy that contributes to both local and global growth.



TwinEngine was tasked with elevating DOXA Talent’s brand to reflect their distinctive approach in the offshoring sector. The solution hinged on developing a brand narrative that celebrated their belief in the boundless potential of a highly-skilled, engaged workforce, commitment to community as well as their proprietary hiring system, which targets the top 1% of talent. By highlighting DOXA’s core values—transparency, results, inclusion, excellence, and the Bayanihan culture—we crafted a message that resonated with the ethos of community and trust. The brand strategy was designed to be both inspirational and current, showcasing DOXA Talent as an innovative, caring, and purpose-driven partner for scalable growth.



The strategic branding initiative successfully positioned DOXA Talent as the X-Factor in Borderless TalentTM, distinguishing them from competitors and clearly communicating their value proposition. Clients were drawn to DOXA’s transparent practices, exceptional workforce, and client-centric model, which promised consistent value and a shared pursuit of excellence. The rebranding efforts resulted in increased trust and engagement from companies and leaders seeking a reliable offshoring partner that prioritizes diversity, integrity, and uplifting communities. Their brand now reflects their dedication to creating competitive advantages for their clients while fostering meaningful work and community transformation.