Elevating brands to reach their full potential


Since its inception in 2010, i4COLOR has held a vision of transcending traditional premedia services by infusing every project with purpose and passion. The challenge was to crystallize this vision into a new visual identity that would not only reflect their commitment to excellence but also narrate the story behind their meticulous dedication to elevating brands. i4COLOR sought to cultivate a brand identity that would resonate with the heart of their mission—empowering clients’ brands to achieve their full potential, backed by a team deeply dedicated to integrity, innovation, and exceptional service.


The strategy involved a holistic rebranding approach, starting with the crafting of a new visual identity that symbolized i4COLOR’s industry leadership and their innovative approach to premedia services. This reimagined branding was infused with messaging that showcased their unwavering commitment to integrity, teamwork, and innovation—core tenets that stand at the heart of i4COLOR’s operations. The brand promise was shaped to reinforce the company’s dedication to delivering the highest value and best experience to their clients. With these elements, i4COLOR’s brand repositioning was designed not just to communicate what they do, but more importantly, why they do it and the values they stand for.



The rebranding initiative propelled i4COLOR to new heights within the premedia sector. The new brand identity and redefined brand messaging resonated authentically with clients, fostering deeper trust and stronger partnerships. i4COLOR’s commitment to being the most trusted premedia partner was now vividly reflected in their brand, resonating with clients and partners and differentiating them in the market. The company’s culture and values, consistently communicated through the new branding, further cemented their reputation, leading to a reinforced market presence and paving the way for future growth.

Working with TwinEngine on our rebranding was a transformative experience, led by the incredible duo, Winnie and Lorrie. Their innovative approach and collaborative spirit were instrumental in capturing the essence of i4COLOR, elevating our brand to new heights in the premedia industry. Their guidance and expertise were not just valuable, but truly inspiring.

–Daryl Eifler