The ONLY complete credit & compliance solution from lead to sale


The formation of Informativ represented a significant challenge: unifying Credit Bureau Connection, Dealer Safeguard Solutions, and CreditDriver, each with a unique legacy and client base, under one brand. The complexity lay in merging these identities in a manner that went beyond simply combining operations. The focus was to create a brand driven by a shared purpose, one that would resonate with the collective heritage and innovation of all entities, and also forge a strong, meaningful connection with their client base.



TwinEngine’s approach was deeply rooted in a purpose-driven strategy. The new brand, Informativ, was not just a name but a manifestation of the unified company’s core purpose to build trust. The branding strategy centered around defining a singular, powerful positioning: to be the only complete credit and compliance solution from lead to sale, thereby providing clarity and confidence in a complex industry. This purpose was further brought to life through the development of values such as being a guiding beacon, embracing change, fostering genuine connections, and maintaining integrity. These values not only shaped the brand’s external messaging but also cultivated a strong internal culture, uniting the teams under a common banner of trust, innovation, and client-centric service.



The rebranding to Informativ successfully crystallized a unified, purpose-driven identity that resonated strongly with both the team and clients. This new identity, rooted in trust and comprehensive solutions, firmly positioned Informativ as a leader in its field. The alignment of business strategy with a clear brand purpose led to strengthened relationships with clients, enhanced by a consistent and meaningful message. Informativ emerged as a distinguished presence in the market, achieving its goal of becoming the preferred choice for prospects and customers and exemplifying how purpose-driven strategy can lead to cohesive brand growth and market differentiation.

“TwinEngine understood the challenge of bringing three strong brands and teams together and helped us achieve our goal of creating a unified company that represents our history, our commitment to our clients, and the breadth of our industry-leading solutions. Their work went well beyond a new company name and logo. TwinEngine guided us in creating the vision and values that define and support who we are today.”

David Carner, CEO, Informativ

“TwinEngine has been an incredible partner in creating our brand and bringing it to market. Lorrie Lee and her team are truly an extension of the Informativ marketing department. Their collaboration, strategy and execution are critical to our success.”

Christina Wofford, SVP, Marketing, Informativ