Inspire others with a shared vision of delivering memorable experiences


Emerging from the merger of JSAV and BAV, this company faced the challenge of unifying its brand identity in the highly competitive hospitality industry. Pre-pandemic, the company’s heavy reliance on the hotel sector and a lack of distinct brand equity limited its market presence. Post-COVID, the need to rebuild and adapt for growth became evident, with a focus on leveraging virtual customer engagement as a new business development avenue. The industry’s shift towards technology-centric models by competitors, alongside market consolidation, necessitated a strategic rebranding to differentiate INSPIRE and establish it as the premier choice in event technology and production services.


To address these challenges, we embarked on a strategic overhaul, rebranding the merged entity as INSPIRE. This initiative aimed to communicate INSPIRE’s unique proposition: a blend of human touch with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional event experiences. We focused on “story selling” to articulate INSPIRE’s commitment to inspiring events, emphasizing its role as more than just an AV company but a trusted partner in bringing client visions to life. The rebranding strategy underscored INSPIRE’s dedication to creativity, innovation, and unparalleled customer service, setting it apart from its largest competitor and establishing a strong brand presence in the market.


The comprehensive rebranding successfully positioned INSPIRE as the service provider of choice in the hospitality industry, emphasizing its innovative solutions and customer-centric approach. By highlighting INSPIRE’s unique value and commitment to excellence, the company attracted new opportunities and re-engaged with the market post-pandemic. INSPIRE’s revitalized brand identity resonated with clients and partners, driving growth and reinforcing its market leadership in creating inspirational events. The successful merger and rebranding of JSAV and BAV into INSPIRE exemplify the transformative power of strategic brand alignment and purpose-driven marketing in the competitive event production landscape.