Living Liver Foundation

A mission to save lives by increasing awareness

Living Liver Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to save the lives of people facing liver failure by increasing the awareness of living donor transplant. They wanted to build a brand that would resonate with its target audience and communicate the importance of living donor transplant.


We’re excited to be a part of the B Corp community in making a meaningful impact in the world. As part of our commitment, we donate time through pro bono services because we stand for earning our wings every day. Working with Dave Galbenski, a liver transplant survivor, to develop a brand to help save the lives of people facing liver failure by increasing awareness of living donor transplants was one of those.

In 2019, Dave was diagnosed with a unique autoimmune liver condition known as PSC. Mark, his brother-in-law, volunteered and proved to be a compatible match for Liver transplant. As a result, they chose to shed more light on the topic of living donor liver transplants, with the hope of saving more lives.



Along with his wife Lynn, we worked with Dave to develop a brand that will serve as a hub for information on living donors and provide essential resources for those in need. The Living Liver Foundation’s brand was able to effectively communicate their values and one of those is to be a place where people can find a shared sense of belonging in a community that provides access to resources, compassion, and support.


Through this initiative, Living Liver Foundation has been able to increase awareness of living donor transplant.

The 1:1 connections that have resulted from these initiatives have continued to energize us to do more, be more, and share the gift of life more. We are so grateful for the heart and soul TwinEngine put into the launch of Living Liver Foundation! Your work is changing and saving lives on a daily basis!

David Galbenski, Co-Founder, Living Liver Foundation