Creating a world of joy and healing beyond medicine


The Periwinkle Foundation has been a beacon of hope for children, young adults, and families battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Despite their noble mission and significant impact, Periwinkle faced challenges in broadening their reach and deepening their engagement with the community. They sought to elevate their brand and message to attract more support and extend their programs to a wider audience.


In 2015, we partnered with Periwinkle, pledging to amplify their message of hope and healing beyond medicine. This partnership was deeply personal, driven by a family connection to the cause and a shared history of battling cancer. We embarked on a comprehensive strategy to build Periwinkle’s brand presence, starting with facilitating annual strategy summits and engaging the board of directors in visionary planning. Our efforts led to the development of a new brand positioning and strategic vision. We launched a revamped website and developed marketing campaigns, such as “Fill the Bus,” the “Annual Drive,” and a celebration of Periwinkle’s 40th Anniversary, to enhance awareness and engagement.



Our collaborative efforts with Periwinkle yielded remarkable outcomes. The redefined brand positioning and strategic initiatives significantly increased community engagement and support. Notably, the campaigns we launched played a pivotal role in expanding Periwinkle’s visibility and impact, enabling the foundation to reach and serve more families affected by cancer and life-threatening illnesses. As a result, Periwinkle has strengthened its community of healing and increased awareness to those in need. Our partnership with Periwinkle stands as a testament to the power of being purpose-driven in making a difference in the lives of many.

The team at TwinEngine has truly elevated the Periwinkle experience, transforming our outreach and enabling us to extend our healing community to over 14,000 children, teens, and families annually. Their genuine engagement and expertise have not just spread our message but have amplified the joy and support we bring to those facing life’s toughest battles.

Doug Suggitt, Executive Director