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Many companies use blogging to post content to educate their audiences. It is important that this content reflect who you are as a brand. Consistent blog messaging can help align your internal brand and culture with external brand perceptions by revealing what your company thinks is important, what it is involved in and how it perceives its place in the industry.

An effective blog should include the same messaging that is implemented throughout your company.

What viewers read in your blog should reflect the mission, vision and goals of your brand.

Developing consistent, authentic messaging is one feature of a Brand Traffic Control plan. Developing this plan starts with assessing where you are as a brand in eight fundamental areas and using this assessment as a baseline to determine which areas of your brand and strategy are strong and which areas need improvement.

Consider including this assessment as you begin putting together your marketing plans for 2016. Call us at TwinEngine to find out more.

Assess Your Brand With Our Brand Traffic Control Assessment.

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