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According to Giorgio Armani, the legendary Italian designer, “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” Throughout each workday, we aim to achieve results, and while focus and discipline may work on paper, we know it gets harder when you begin to implement and are continuously distracted.

How can we stay focused on what needs to be done to achieve the goals we set? Here a few basic steps that work:

Set goals. Setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely will help you commit to achieving your desired results. Setting up goals will help you discipline yourself in order to see outcomes.

Hold yourself accountable. Sometimes when we don’t receive desired results it is because we make excuses. We don’t “feel like it.” Not allowing excuses is the first step in accountability. Holding yourself to a higher standard will help you reach the goals you set for yourself.

Remove distractions. Distractions are one of the biggest reasons we lose focus. Without focused attention, discipline is impossible. Removing those things that will distract you from reaching your results will help discipline your mentality. With today’s modern technology, the workplace is becoming increasingly distracting. On average, people check their phones 150 times per day. With most work being done on computers, workers may have access to the Internet all day long. Distraction can be just one click away. So how do you get employees to focus?

Hold employees accountable. Give them responsibilities and hold them to those tasks. Employees can also hold each other accountable through teamwork. Maintaining a strong team environment can help focus employees because they know others are depending on them.

Show employees the Big Picture. Explain to employees the part their jobs play in the big picture. Let them know how their duties fit into the rest of the organization. Employees are more likely to focus and have a disciplined mindset when they know that their work is affecting the entire organization. 

Measurement. Even the best marketing strategy is incomplete without measurements. Metrics matter because they let you know if your actions and efforts are producing positive results—if you’re advancing toward your goals. Without metrics, how would you know for sure?

A disciplined mindset is essential. But like anything else, practice makes perfect. In her landmark book, Mindsets, Stanford University psychologist, Carol Dweck, differentiates between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Individuals with a growth mindset believe that their most basic abilities can be improved and developed through dedication and hard work. Brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment, and, more importantly, is available to everyone.

So don’t expect to become a disciplined mastermind within a day. Make lists, set reminders, and do whatever you need to do to keep yourself and those around you in focus and accomplish the outcomes you want.

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