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It’s that time of year again – when college seniors throw up their caps and join the real world. But with over 1,813,000 projected students graduating per semester in the United States alone, how to do stand out in a sea of resumes? (National Center for Education Statistics)

Here are some tips to help graduates stand out beyond the resume:


Along with practice, you want to make sure you know information about the company you are interviewing for. Employers want to see that you have an interest in their company and took the time to research. Along with research, ask your interviewer questions. Not only will it help you gather more information about the company and whether it is the right fit for you, but it will show that you have more interest in the company than just a paycheck. Check out this list of 10 questions you could ask during an interview.


Define your distinct advantage – the positive qualities that set you apart from everyone else. What characteristic is unique to you that you can leverage to stand out? Identifying that characteristic is an important part of helping you get noticed and be remembered. Give specific examples and define why your distinct advantage would be beneficial to the organization.


As corny as it sounds, it is important to be yourself in an interview. Be authentic when answering questions. This will help the interviewer and yourself understand if you are a right fit for the company. If you don’t, you could end up with a company you don’t fit in with, in a position that does not help you excel or advance.

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