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Do you target your marketing to your ideal leads, or are you marketing to everyone the same way? If so, how’s that working for you?

An ideal lead is a prospect who fits your defined customer profile and is interested in what you have to offer. This person recognizes the value from using your products or services and appreciates the differences that you offer compared to your competitors. Ideal leads are an issue of quality over quantity. For some organizations this may require a new perspective on leads. If the effectiveness of your lead generation process is based only on the number of leads your marketing team generates, then it’s likely that there is a lot of time being wasted chasing leads that are not “ideal.”

Under the Brand Traffic Control process, we recommend getting more from less. In actuality, bringing in fewer leads can result in more revenue and less time converting ideal leads into customers. Your sales team works best with leads that are a good fit for what you have to offer and there’s a strong possibility that when presented with the right offer, the leads are ready and willing to make a decision.

The first step to creating an ideal lead flow is to agree on a set of criteria about what your ideal lead “looks” like. The following are examples of information that you may include in profiling leads:

  • A set of demographics that include age, job level and seniority
  • A “day in their life” scenario
  • A list of their pain points, motivations and goals
  • Where do they go to look for information?

Use these profiles to better focus your sales and marketing team’s efforts.

Keep this in mind: “Everyone is not your customer.” – Seth Godin

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