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“Community”, YouTube’s newest concept, is finally giving users more options to manage their pages. The concept will now allow users to create a feed that can incorporate text post, still photos, live video and animated GIF’s. These new features are solving a long-standing problem for YouTube – not being able to be the main social media hub for the channel’s users. Hank Green, one of YouTube most successful content creators, told Fast Company, “Something as simple as, ‘I’m going to be playing a show in San Francisco.’ I can’t make a video about that. I can tweet about it and put it out on Facebook, but I can’t reach my YouTube audience.”

Why This is Good for YouTube

Users can now post text streams, GIF’s, photos and live video feeds to their audience without all the behind the scenes editing that is involved with their main content; its an additional benefit that makes engaging fans easier. Why Community is good for YouTube users:

  • Gives users more freedom and control of their pages
  • Allows users to steer conversations and prevent the notorious comment behavior we tend to see
  • Users can engage followers who really care about the content they watch
  • Community allows YouTube to be a better social media hub for its users
Stand Out in an Evolving Digital World

It can be hard to stand out in age where the digital landscape is constantly evolving. Things that were once “in” and relevant are now “last weeks news.” Companies must continually adapt but still engage and stay relevant to their audiences. To do that, a company needs to have a foundation based on their purpose, know their distinct advantage and truly understand what makes them stand out.

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