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Your brand, whether you know it or not, is made up of stories. Every story you tell continues to build your brand. Great storytelling brings people together to share an experience, making one individual a part of something bigger. Jeep is one such brand – telling the brand’s story through their drivers.

Brands Are Built on Stories

Originally created to help win WWII, Jeep’s brand story began on the idea of fighting for liberty and freedom. Fast-forward to today, Jeep still embodies that pursuit by standing for the freedom to live an active lifestyle. To celebrate 75 years of its brand, Jeep gave their greatest brand asset, their fans and owners, the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat and tell their stories with the #MyJeepStory campaign. Each story shows the pride and love owners have for their Jeep and the amazing adventures they have behind the wheel – portraying their free and adventurous lifestyles. Olivier Francois, CMO at Jeep, told Adweek that, “giving owners and fans the opportunity to tell their own story adds an emotional lens that ties them directly to the brand.” Behind the wheel of every Jeep is a driver with a unique story about them, their Jeep, and an open road.

How Do You Tell Your Story?

The best brands are built on great stories. Your story is more than what you tell people; it is also what they believe about you based upon their experience with your company. For Jeep, their great story is rooted in the tradition of freedom and is inspired by the lives of their drivers.

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