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Only companies that know and live their purpose stand out. A company’s purpose goes beyond the idea of making money; it’s the beliefs and core values the company holds. Companies with a strong purpose communicate their values and beliefs through storytelling; they have engaging conversations with their customers. Patagonia is one such company – their purpose is to help bring solutions to societal and environmental issues through meaningful storytelling and principle-based business practices.

Storytelling is “Storyselling”

Patagonia is one of the global leaders in outdoor clothing and gear, but more than that, they are a dynamic brand on a mission to cultivate environmental responsibility and social activism. According to Fast Company, Patagonia has a rich tradition of telling “amazing tales of far-out rock climbing, skiing and surfing adventures . . . to creating projects and films chronicling the company’s own journey in navigating it’s principles.” Each story they create is compelling and engaging; it captivates you by asking the hard questions about the environment and society while seamlessly portraying raw human interactions that resonate with you. One recent project, tells the untold story of an ancient Turkish snowboarding culture fighting to keep its unique traditions alive, while another campaign, Vote Our Planet, informs and encourages voters to consider the environmental issue our country faces at the ballot this season. However, Patagonia not only shows their purpose externally through their film projects, they live it internally too. By participating in Fair Trade certified manufacturing, responsible supply chain management, and sponsorships with local companies, Patagonia seems to live and breathe their purpose flawlessly all while engaging customers and maintaining loyal fans.

Living Your Purpose

Customers are just as interested in “why you sell” as “what you sell.” Knowing what you stand for and your purpose shape the impact your company has on the world. Successful companies live their brand from the inside out. For Patagonia, living their purpose means creating deep meaningful conversations by telling stories that engage costumers.

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