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In this very important section you will take all you have learned about your company, the brand you have developed, where you are as a company and where you want to go and transform this information in to concrete goals. Lay out such things as the campaigns that will align your business goals with your marketing efforts, the methods by which you will deliver your marketing strategy and the number one thing that will be the focus each quarter.

In business, we need to measure our success. Here you will establish time lines where you will revisit your goals, record your progress and make any adjustments needed. Metrics help us know when we need to make changes and changes support continuing growth.

Consider investing in dashboards – online tools you can use to organize data and condense it in to understandable graphs and charts to keep information accessible. Following your trends and establishing patterns can assist in helping you to adjust your marketing strategies, making multiple updates to multiple channels through one tool.

Planning and follow up are critical components and assist in maintaining focus and a disciplined mindset. Practice will make perfect. Making lists, setting reminders, establishing accountability and delivery dates will all contribute to achieving the outcomes you want.

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