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Beyond the Eight Fundamentals of Standing Out in Business and because of your new-found clarity of purpose, you may now be able to identify opportunities that you had not considered previously. A starting point may be with industry trends. (See our list of the Top 16 Trends we predict for 2016.)

Here are a few to consider:

– Do you know what your customers experience in their interactions with your company? Your customers’ experiences should be stand out in quality – one that is memorable and will make them comfortable recommending to a friend. Evaluate every touch point.

– Visit your website as if you did not know who your company is. As often the first point of customer contact, user experience is crucial. 94% of customers who rejected or mistrusted a website said it was due to the design of a site. Does your site reflect your brand authentically?

– Is your website optimized for mobile? This is no longer an option. Users spend, on average, 82% of their time on mobile with apps, compared to 18% on browsers.

– What is the caliber of your social media? Is it fresh and engaging? It is estimated that 88% of purchasers make choices based on online comments.

– Is there a place for video in your marketing portfolio? 52% of marketing professionals report video as the mode of content with the best ROI.

Once you have identified the opportunities you will implement, make them part of your plan, assign accountability and discuss them at every strategic planning session.

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