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Do you know what makes your business truly distinct so that it stands out? If you don’t, your chances of failing increase exponentially.

There are over 30 million small businesses in the United States2. Amazingly, 20,000 new small businesses are started every day2. But, 8 out of 10 of these will fail within the first 18 months due to lack of differentiation and an unclear understanding of their value proposition.1

This lack of differentiation is due to the fact that to most consumers, competing products look almost identical. Being identical twins ourselves, we know a lot about the confusion and frustration that comes from a lack of clarity when things look the same. Until our late teens, we were known as “Winnie-Lorrie” (that’s one word) or “The Little Twins”. It has taught us a simple truth about differences. When you look at identical twins, what do you think? How are they different? What makes each of them unique? Identical twins are intriguing – it’s because people can’t usually tell them apart.

To differentiate yourself as a business, you need to be more of what makes you who you are – those values, passions, talents, and experiences that make your business what it is – those positive qualities that your customers already appreciate. Your challenge is to identify those things, nurture them, expose them and promote them – because they are your distinct advantage and the source of your success.

So how can your business succeed where others fail?

You need a plan of action to help you get ahead of the competition. It starts with a One-Page Marketing Plan. This plan will guide you to:

  • Increase company exposure
  • Uncover big sky ideas
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Communicate your company’s unique qualities and differentiators
  • Align internal and external messaging
  • Focus your strategy to key activities
  • Target and nurture your ideal leads
  • Build a high level plan that can be measured

Our mission here at TwinEngine is to empower every business on the planet with a simple and effective way to build a One-Page Marketing PlanTM that will help them to promote their distinct advantage and successfully stand out.

Register today for our webinar where you will be introduced to the One-Page Marketing PlanTM and learn what you need to implement it.

One-Page Marketing Plan Webinar
Date: Thursday, February 11, 2016
Time: 9am PST / 10am MST / 11am CST / 12pm EST

Winnie Hart, Founder and Chief Right Engine at TwinEngine

All registrants will receive a One-Page Marketing PlanTM


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