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Trust has become a commodity that people not only expect from the companies they work with, but demand to know if they can trust the people behind those companies. Everything from our influence, social following, work connections, credit worthiness, and beyond, will define that metric of trust. 84% of all marketers agree that building consumer trust will become marketing’s primary objective in the future. The question is, what are you doing to actively build trust with your customers to build your reputation foundation?

Look at Ryan Lochtea, a 12 time Olympic medalist. We won’t remember him as a medalist. We will remember him as being dishonest. Think about the impact on his team. The truth is we all make mistakes. Come clean. What’s done is done, make the necessary apologies and move on.

Tell the truth, and nothing bad will ever happen to you, the truth is fact. Whether a fact is good or bad, it is still a fact.

To learn how to stand out when it comes to your reputation, download the 10 Best Practices to Stand Out When it Comes to Reputation.

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